Selling your property in Dubai is made easy with our comprehensive selling services. We employ strategic approaches to ensure your property stands out in the market and attracts potential buyers

3G Real Estate - Property Valuation

Property valuation

Our experienced professionals conduct accurate property valuations, taking into account various factors such as location, size, condition, and market trends. This ensures you set the right price and receive a fair return on your investment

Marketing strategy

We create tailored marketing strategies that highlight the unique features of your property. From professional photography and engaging descriptions to targeted advertising campaigns, we ensure maximum exposure to potential buyers.

3G Real Estate - Marketing Strategy
3G Real Estate - Closing

Closing support

Throughout the closing process, we provide dedicated support. Our team assists with negotiation, contract management, and legal aspects, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

Choose 3G Real Estate for all your real estate needs in Dubai. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, personalized attention, and tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals in the dynamic real estate market of Dubai.


  • To list your property for sale with 3G Real Estate, you can start by contacting our team through our website or by reaching out to one of our experienced brokers directly. We will schedule a consultation to understand your property and discuss the listing process, required documents, and any specific preferences you may have.
  • We determine the market value of your property through a comprehensive valuation process. Our team of experienced professionals considers factors such as the property’s location, size, condition, recent sales in the area, and current market trends. By analyzing these factors, we provide an accurate estimate of your property’s market value, ensuring that it is competitively priced.
  • We employ a multi-faceted marketing approach to promote your property to potential buyers. Our strategies include:
    • High-quality professional photography and virtual tours
    • Detailed property descriptions highlighting key features
    • Listings on our website and prominent property portals
    • Social media campaigns targeting relevant audiences
    • Networking with our extensive network of buyers and agents
    • Print and online advertising in targeted publications
    • Open houses and property viewings to attract interested buyers
  • The time it takes to sell a property in Dubai can vary depending on several factors, including the property type, location, pricing, and current market conditions. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to secure a buyer. Our team will provide you with regular updates and feedback throughout the selling process to keep you informed.
  •  Our fees and commissions are determined on a case-by-case basis, considering various factors such as the property’s value, market conditions, and the specific services required. We strive to provide competitive rates while delivering exceptional service. Our team will discuss the details of fees and commissions during the initial consultation and ensure complete transparency throughout the selling process.

Please note that these answers provide general information and it’s recommended to consult with our team for specific details and personalized guidance when selling your property in Dubai.