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Residential properties​

Explore our extensive portfolio of residential properties, ranging from apartments, villas, to townhouses. We carefully curate listings to cater to different lifestyles, preferences, and budgets.

Commercial properties

Discover a range of commercial properties, including offices, shops, and warehouses. We understand the unique requirements of businesses in Dubai and can help you find the ideal space to meet your operational needs.

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Investment opportunities

Maximize your investment potential with our expert guidance. We provide access to lucrative investment opportunities in Dubai’s dynamic real estate market. Our team conducts thorough research, assessing the growth potential and returns to help you make informed decisions.

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To start the process of buying a property in Dubai, you can begin by determining your budget, researching different areas and property types, and engaging the services of a reputable real estate broker like 3G Real Estate. Our experienced team will guide you through property search, viewings, negotiations, and the necessary paperwork.

  • When purchasing a property in Dubai, you will need to provide the following documents:
    • Passport copies of all buyers
    • Emirates ID (for UAE residents)
    • Proof of residence (for non-residents)
    • Proof of funds or mortgage pre-approval letter
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer (for off-plan properties)
    • Title Deed or Sales and Purchase Agreement (for resale properties)
  • The timeline for completing a property purchase in Dubai can vary depending on factors such as property type, financing, and legal processes. On average, it takes approximately 30 to 45 days to complete the transaction, from signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement to transferring ownership and registering the property.
  • The costs involved in buying a property in Dubai typically include:
    • Property purchase price
    • Dubai Land Department transfer fees (4% of the property value for most areas)
    • Agent’s commission (usually 2% of the property value)
    • Mortgage registration fees (if applicable)
    • Developer NOC fees (for off-plan properties)
    • Maintenance fees (for certain properties)
  • Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy properties in designated areas of Dubai. These areas are known as freehold areas, where non-UAE nationals can have full ownership rights. Additionally, there are also leasehold areas where properties can be leased for a specific period. It’s important to work with a knowledgeable real estate broker like 3G Real Estate who can guide you on the eligibility and specific regulations related to property ownership for foreigners.

Please note that these answers are general in nature and it’s always recommended to consult with professionals and relevant authorities for specific details and legal requirements when buying a property in Dubai.